Ali S. is the creator of World Magic Review. She studied the history of stage magic at the University of St Andrews. Ali has worked with theatre companies across the U.S. and U.K. as a producer, stage manager, director, playwright, and techie. She is now based around the Chicago, Illinois area. You can find her at @alicihonest

Hannah S. lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is our dedicated Fringe magic reviewer, as well as our U.K. Organizer.

Alice S. lives in Yorkshire, England. She’s an avid magic fan and a professional director, stage manager, and playwright. You can find her at @_baxterbun

Amanda H. is a PR professional with a passion for magic and all the performing arts. She can be found at @baegelandlox

Hannah R. lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a psychology graduate who loves tricking people. Her favorite magician is Derren Brown. Hannah has worked in theatre both on the stage and off for companies in Charlotte as well as in the U.K. Hannah describes herself as a “badass with a good ass” and can be found at @negro_renegade

Erica D. lives in Toronto, Canada.

Cara H. is our first Drunk Reviewer. She hasn’t decided yet whether magic is more fun when sober or intoxicated.