World Magic Review was originally launched in 2014 as ‘Magic and Mentalism Review’, the only online website dedicated to reviewing magic, mentalism, and hypnosis stage shows and street performances. It went on temporary hiatus as the creator stepped aside to work with BroadwayBaby (reviews from this time have been cross-posted),  but was relaunched in the spring of 2017.

Note on Star Ratings

But where did the stars go?

Star ratings are a point of contention at nearly every reviewing publication. Audiences are used to stars, and they do make a handy visual for performers to put on their marketing material. But they also do condense complex judgements into an often somewhat misleading hard number. Consequently, WMR is experimenting with not using stars. They may return, based on response, or they may stay vanquished altogether. This does not mean the magicians who are reviewed in the meantime earned 0 stars- it just means we’d like to you read the review and judge for yourself!


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